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Free tools which can be used on net books


There are many software applications available free of cost, on the web. Some of those applications, which can be useful for net books, are given below.

  • AVG Company is offering free ‘AVG Anti Virus Free Edition 2011’ for getting rid of viruses. For downloading it, visit www. free.avg.com/in-en/download-avg-anti-virus-free
  • Microsoft is also offering ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’. For downloading the same, visit www. microsoft.com/security_essentials
  • Open Office is ready for helping in office work. To know more, open www. Openoffice.org
  • One can use GIMP for editing photos, which can understood at www. Gimp.org
  • Foxit Reader will be helpful in reading PDF files. www. foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader provides better information.
  • For songs, use Winamp, which can be downloaded at www. Winamp.com
  • VLC Player is available for viewing videos. Download it from www. Vlcplayerdownload.org
  • For saving the bookmarks on the web, use Xmarks services. Open www. Xmarks.com

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