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Friendship with Persons on Social Networks

Social Networks

Nature of persons who try to trap others

Words of person who is trying to trap would be attractive and in personal by nature. He would target the likes, beliefs and weaknesses of the person he wants to trap. For example, while chatting about movies he would invite the other to movie. Somehow or other he tries to meet the person personally who is met through net. He compels often about the details of address, phone numbers and emails. That’s why chat with the new persons in social networks should be straight forward and reserved in nature. Till the person can be trusted, no personal matters could be shared with him. Also it is not fair to ask advice or help from unknown or new persons over net. Then if the person is really good, he takes you as a person who is dependent on others. Never discuss personal problems in scraps with friends. Do not click on all the photos visible in the communities of friends and browse their profiles. Then you would be taken as a bad intentional person who is searching for new persons to make friendship.

Believe in the following cases

If all the fields in the profile are filled, then his honesty could be estimated to some extent. Based on the scraps exchanged with friends, character could be estimated. Based on the greeting messages sent to friends in the occasions of festivals, birthdays etc, his value towards friendship can be judged.

Check to the new relations with settings

In social networks, it is equally important to keep our details in privacy to that of observing the details of others. So user should go to menu bar and change the privacy settings regularly. If the user wants to block the scraps and comments from new persons, then go to the Who can Write to me option and select the Only my friends option in the check box provided. If the user wants to block the new add requests from unknown persons, then check the Who can send me friend request option. If the user does not want to reveal the details of his profile to new or unknown persons then go to who can see the content of my profile option and select only my friend’s option. If the user wants to block the details of profile even if the search is done using mail ID also, then go to Allow People to find me through my email address option and check the option showing don’t allow people to find me. Also, if the user feels uncomfortable or doubted based on the emails from new person, then it is better to block the person to keep him away. This would end the start of many problems in future.


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