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Google Chrome Extensions is Third Most Popular Web Browser in the World

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is gaining reputation all over the world very rapidly by improving its standards from time to time. Chrome has earned 10% contribution of the total number of Internet browsers that are being used all over the world. It is giving a tuff fight for the other reputed browsers – Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Some of the most reputed extensions of Chrome are

  • Google Calendar Extension: Google calendar can be viewed directly from the browser’s tool bar by installing the Google Calendar extension in chrome. The calendar tab shows the events and schedule with time and date. New events can be added on logging in with Gmail account. A small calendar gadget can be obtained by selecting show mini calendar from the options. Unnecessary events can be removed from the lift obtained after selecting show events command. The gadget can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/XjWk
  • Google Mail Checker Plus: Emails can be checked while browsing by using the gadget Google Mail Checker Plus. New mail will be displayed in the notification beside address bar after installing this extension. Desired webpage links can be mailed instantly by using the option Send Page Link. New mails can be sent by typing in a separate box tab by clicking on the Compose New Mail. Mails can be updated by using refresh button. Icon settings can be changed by using the Options tab. The extension is available for download at http://goo.gl/DQOKD
  • Mail Browser: Generally mail accounts facilitate to search contacts and mails separately. But the new extension Mail Browser of Google Chrome provides the privilege of searching any thing related to a mail account very simply and easily. Desired details can be browsed by adding required account to the browser by clicking Add an account. This extension facilitates the users to save notes and tags for each and every contact of an email account. Attachments can also be browsed by this. The mail browser can be locked with a password to restrict others from using Mail Browser by clicking on the lock symbol on the tab. The extension is available for download at http://mailbrowser.com/downloads.php
  • Google Quick Scroll: Finding any thing is much easier by using Google Quick Scroll. Any search should be typed in the Google search after installing this extension. An arrow symbol will be appeared aside the links in the search results. The link gets opened up in a new window by pressing the right arrow key on the key board. Thus all the links can be viewed like this by clicking on the down arrow. The extension can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/UjcT6
  • File Viewer: Various formats of files such as docx, doc, pptx, ppt, tif, tiff can be viewed online by installing the extension PDF/Power Point Viewer. The extension is available at http://goo.gl/1QxNI
  • Face Book Photo Zoom: Face book pictures can be viewed much comfortably by installing the extension Face Book Photo Zoom. Any photo in the album appears in zoomed view by keeping cursor on it after installing this extension. It can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/DOd6D
  • Pop ups can be blocked by installing Ad Block in chrome. It has already been downloaded by 1.5 million internet users. The extension can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/qeQio
  • Desired web pages while browsing can be saved in the form of clips by using Ever note extension in chrome. The extension gets displayed in the with an elephant icon after installing it. Desired content can be saved with Title, Note Book, and Tags by selecting it. The extension can be downloaded from http://goo.gl/R9Dk3
  • It may be difficult to save all the bookmarks in the browser tab itself. Thus the links can be synchronized by using Ex Marks extension in chrome. The extension is available for download at http://goo.gl/pbqqh

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