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Mobile Apps to Find Direction and Route

Mobile Apps Find Direction and Route

Direction: GPS and Compass applications are more with the present generation phones. With the help of these applications we will know in which direction and where we are. We will know the maps of places. If we do not know with the help of these applications there are some applications, which display directions and maps of the place and monuments at new places in minutes, which you see in your camera in switch on mode. We can travel by seeing the maps.

Nokia Point and Find: we can say Nokia Point and Find as a fabulous discovery, which is made by Nokia. If you take photo of cinema poster while going in the street, you can watch the trailer of that cinema. You can hear songs. You can read the reviews, which came on that cinema. Not only cinema poster, but historical monuments and information of companies will also be put before you in seconds. Not only that, it works as Barcode Reader. Another facility in Point and Find is that, if you enter into a cloth show room and scan the barcode on the dress in your camera phone, you can know for how much cost  that dress will be available in other shops. At present this facility works in America, Britain, Germany and Netherlands. If you want to use this facility, take photos of famous places, persons and trees in your area and upload it.


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