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Online Games for Internet Users

Online Games for Internet

Several online games are available to entertain internet users now. Some of the most reputed games are

  • Chess Game: People who like to play chess may join the web site www. chess.com. The web site has a total of 28,84,188 members registered already. The web site facilitates to login using email ID or Face book ID. Users can play with their friends who are online. The web site helps in understanding the historical significance, tips and tricks of the games from the tab ‘Learn Chess’. The web site also contains the previous game videos of experts. The website also conducts competitions which can be played from the ‘Tournaments’ tab. The game is also available for mobile which can be downloaded from ‘Mobile Chess’ tab.
  • Face Book Games: Users can become virtual farmers by the game Farmville which is designed initially for Face Book. The game can be played fro the web site www. farmville.com. Another virtual game City villa suits the users who are fond of living in cities.  The game is available athttp:// goo.gl/UCN7K. The game Fish villa provides the users to grow fish in aquarium virtually. The game can be played at www. facebook.com/zFishVille
  • Online Bowling: Te game Bowl Out provides the users to bowl who have to take three wickets in six balls. Bowler throws the bows as per the click made by the player on an arrow symbol on the web page. The click is essential for the game. The game is available at http:// goo.gl/a7HOg
  • Mafia Shooting: The Game Kireedam can be played in case of having interest on shooting with a gun like James Bond. Mafia group fires on to the player with guns from a building. The player has to defend the bullets and fire the Mafia Group by aiming accurately with mouse. The game can be played at http:// goo.gl/0DkdU
  • Brain Teasers: There are many games available online which can test the ability of brain of the player. Many such games like Collider, Gravity Master, IQ ball, 99bricks and many more are available at www. physicsgames.net. Mathematical puzzles are available at www. brain-fun.com.
  • Rescue Your Boy Friend: Two lovers get into trouble. The boy is under imprisonment of a witch. The girl has to find all the things asked by the witch in order to rescue her lover. A room contains lot of things out of which desired things have to be found out by the player. The game is available at http:// goo.gl/SmZMY. The game Pretty Kitty Girl has been designed especially for girls who are interested much in make up. The game can be played at http:// goo.gl/ahVcS
  • Memory Testing Game: The game ‘Spot the Designer’ has been designed to test the memory of the player. The man showed in the target has to be spotted by the user in a given picture containing huge mob that are moving. The game is available at http:// goo.gl/xQbeq
  • Bike Race: The game Dune Bashing is designed especially for bike riding lovers. The player has to control the bike in desert tracks by using arrow keys on key board. The game is available at http:// goo.gl/el2fk
  • There are particular web sites for specific category of games. Some web sites also contain malwares which can be blocked by using any Internet Security Program. Some of the most reputed web sites for gaming are www. zapak.com, www. miniclip.com, www. addictinggames.com, http:// games.yahoo.com, www. ign.com, http:// gamespot.com, www. gamesradar.com, www. gamespy.com etc.
  • Out of so many games designed based on HTML5 technology, some have become highly popular recently. The top ten reputed games now are

1.      Pirates Love Daisies (www. pirateslovedaisies.com)

2.      Grid Shock (http:// goo.gl/esnUW)

3.      Crystal Galaxy (www. offectgames.com/effect/games/crystalgalaxy/)

4.      J query Racing (www. mattpelham.com/racing)

5.      Red Shooting Hood (www. redshootinghood/info/)

6.      World Squared (http:// worldsquared.com)

7.      Z-War (http:// z-war.co.cc)

8.      Google Pac man (http:// macek.github.com/google_pacman/)

9.      Sketch out (http:// sketch-out.appspot.com)

10.  Agent 008 Ball (http:// agent8ball.com)


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