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Parrot Asteroid the Solution to make calls and hear songs while driving

Parrot Asteroid

In unavoidable circumstances, people talk over the phone and had to drive the car at the same time.  They see the numbers and make the phone calls.  They listen to the music with the headsets.  In spite of doing all these, they can drive the car safely with Parrot ASTEROID.  This is a mini car receiver, which works with an Android OS.  This will provide some multimedia facilities with the help of 3G network.  With the GPS present in it, this will help for the location of traveling. This will change into iPod that would play rocking music.  While driving the car, if the name of the artist and the album is pronounced, automatically it would play the song.   With the synchronization of Bluetooth one can copy the mobile contacts and then do the phone call.  If the person tells the contact name, the call can be connected.  The person’s name contact address and photo is displayed on 3.2” screen.  We can browse and can know about all that is happening like whereabouts of hotels, shopping malls, music stores, petrol bunks, the weather report, etc. through this and also we can listen to songs by browsing the web radio.


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