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Profiles of Persons on Social Networks are Not Reliable

Social Networks

In social networks like Facebook, Orkut etc there are some crores of profiles. Each Profile contains stylish photos, attractable personality, impressive self-introduction, appreciable hobbies & habits, designation etc. But no other user knows the extent of truth behind each profile. Then how to know the truth behind each profile? How to believe the friends met through net? How to detect the misguiding fellows over internet?

To know the appearance a person, one should see the other directly. To know the goodness and kindness of other, it is required to talk face to face. It is better to observe keenly to decide whether the person is saying truth or false. But without all these things, relations among the members of today’s social networks are crossing limits. They are laying the foundation to the unexpected friendship and improper love affairs. In this context, how to decide the extent of truth kept in profile? Married persons may keep their profile as unmarried. Aged persons may also chat like youngsters.  Some persons may give fake name, address and fake designation of employment. Some profiles may be trash completely. In the recent survey done on famous social network Facebook, more percentage of the members registered into it have no intention to display their present relationship status to others. Last year, when the American profiles of Facebook are observed, 37 million members have changed their relationship status while 44 million members have not changed their relationship status in profile. Among girls, only 57 percent are sharing their details of family relations while only 47 percent of the boys are updating their profile about the details of family relations. Then how to detect the misguiding, cunning and bad fellows over internet? For that, user has to follow some precautions and guidelines given below.

Do not take decisions without thinking
An internet user should always remember not to believe the friends met through net blindly. Keeping it in view, one should act accordingly. One should not believe the persons based on their profile kept in internet or their attractive message chats and emails. To believe a person met through net to continue friendship, observe his relation status kept in profile keenly for some days. Because, most of the married people wont keep their marital status as such. Some married persons keep their marital status as single in profile and engage in love affairs with innocent persons which lead finally to the spoiling of their life. To find out the fact of marital status, observe the scraps of messages exchanged by that person with others also. Sometimes, those messages may have greetings of marriage or marriage days etc. But that person keeps the relationship status as single to cheat others. Moreover, if an invitation has come from the unknown person then the profile, relationship status and scraps of messages in the person’s account should be observed keenly for some days. Moreover it is better to try to confirm the truth of things kept in profile. Also, by observing the accounts of person’s friends some more details about the person could be known. It is better to confirm the things mentioned in the profile of person by checking the profiles of others in the communities joined by that person to find the mismatched things. For example, a network of a college student in general contains mostly students and less number of others.  And the network of an employee contains mostly the employees of his organization and other friends etc. Also the type of communities joined by the person reflects his character and inner feelings. Thus the communities joined by that unknown person should also be verified. In general after clicking the profile, relationship status appears directly. Observing it carefully is very important. By searching the name and mail ID’s of the unknown person in Google, profiles of the same person in other social networks can be accessed so that by comparing the profiles with each other, truthfulness of the person can be known. In case of mismatches between his profiles, his false character can be detected easily. Also in Google search, blogs of the person can be accessed. By this, some more details of the person can be known. Now, persons are inviting with different mail ID’s which have no relation with their names at all. For example, hai12345@gmail.com, itsmeabc@yahoo.com. Then it is definitely needed to verify the profile and blog carefully before adding him into the friends list.


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