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Audio Books can Be Downloaded into Mobile or IPod

Audio Books

People can also hear the books in their mobiles along with listening to the songs and radio telecasts. Books had been introduced in the form of audio and people can download the books in the MP3 format into the mobiles and IPods. All the stories for children and novels of Shakespeare are available. By listening to the books, pronunciation will be improved.

Free audio books

There are many sites which are offering audio books for the people and they are offering different books which include the history books, science, fiction, comedy, mystery, short stories etc. Even though there are many sites which are offering, only few of them are offering for free. www. booksshouldbefree.com is one of the sites. People can click on the book which they like and they can download it in the MP3 format. People can see the review, author name and name on the site. They can also hear the audio preview and people can see the IPod download and MP3 download options when they click on any book. People should download the audio books with MP3 download option when they want to listen in the system or mobile.

Few other sites that offer e-books are

  • www. newfiction.com
  • www. thoughtaudio.com
  • http:// librivox.org
  • www. podiobooks.com
  • www. learnoutloud.com
  • www. openculture.com
Audio books for children

Children can visit http:// storynory.com when they want to hear the interesting stories in English. When any book is clicked, people can see it in the form of text and they can hear the audio along with reading it. If there is no need of download, then they can hear the story online by clicking on the speaker option. Sites which are offering these online stories are given below.

  • http:// lightupyourbrain.com
  • http:// kayray.org/ audiobooks
  • http:// goo.gl/hrzg8
Sites which sell audio books

People need to visit http:// audiobooksindia.com to buy the audio books which are written by Indian authors. People can see the cover page, price and title when they click on any book. By clicking on the speaker option, people can hear the trail version. www. asiabookroom.com is another site which is offering the audio books.

  • For Hindi audio books, people can visit www. audiohindi.com and they download the books by registering in the site.
  • For more audio books to listen online, people should visit http:// goo.gl/2qlqx.
  • To listen to the poetry of William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare, people need to visit http:// goo.gl/05Jw3

More sites for audio books

  • www. gutenerg.org
  • www. audiobooks.org
  • www. audiobooksforfree.com
  • www. poetryarchive.org
  • www. audiobooktreausury.com
  • www. librophile.com
  • http:// freemp3audiobooks.com
  • http:// etc.usf.edu/lit2go
  • http:// goo.gl/11LSX

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