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Websites for Style Trends

Style Social Networks

Youth follows various styles which may seem weird and sometimes unique. Some websites are specially designed for youth which are providing an opportunity to share their style standard with the world. Some of such kinds of websites are –

Google Boutiques: Google has designed new Boutiques network recently. This program is at beta level now. Users can explore the latest costumes and garments by entering the boutiques through Explore Boutiques command. The reputed styles of popular figures can be explored by Celebrity tab. The products offered by a particular brand or model can be viewed by clicking on it. The users can express their opinions by clicking Love or Hate and can share their opinions with friends upon registering with the website. All the products in boutiques are classified into four categories by Google namely Classic, Romantic, Casual Chic, and Street. Users can enter the website as Models by choosing Your Boutique->Create Your Boutique. The appearance of the character can be chosen from the thumb nail boxes. Then Users may get a style rating for their model. Collection of clothes for the model can be found in the Clothing tab. The tab consists of various Pants, Sweaters, Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Shorts, Intimates, Coats and Jackets. The website is available at http://www.boutiques.com

Re Style Me: The website Re Style Me is another website providing stylish stuff for users. This website provides the facility of receiving style suggestions from friends. The home page contains Top 20, Friends and Style Results. The list of Top 20 gets elected by the ratings of users. The website finds friends of a particular user using his/her email ID ob clicking on Find Your Friends. The updates of this website can be shared on Face book by using specified link on the web page. The website also has many fashion games and videos of fashion shows. The website is available at http://restyleme.com

Fashism: The dresses to be worn on various occasions can be known by logging in to the website http://fashism.com. The website allows users to log in using their face book IDs. A photo should be uploaded after signing in by clicking on Add a look. Users can share their opinions about own style and likes by clicking on ‘Ask a Question, Say more about it’ and then ‘Post My look’. Users can view and comment on others styles by clicking on See Looks. This website provides the facility of capturing a picture with Webcam by clicking on Take a picture using MY WEBCAM.

Go Try it on: The website www.gotryiton.com users to log in with their Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and AOL mail. Users can know about reputation of their style by clicking on Get an opinion after uploading a picture from camera or mobile or web cam to system. Users can share their pictures only with their friends by selecting ‘don’t publish this to community. Only feed back from people I know’. Users can suggest style by using ‘Wear it’ and ‘Change it’ commands.


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