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User Can Become Captain Of Tem In Slogout Cricket Video Games

Online Cricket Games

User can become the Captain of Team in Slogout

Once imagine if you got the chance of doing captaincy for Indian cricket team, how do you feel? That too if you start your batting innings with Sachin Tendulkar! All such big dreams of cricket fans could be made into reality along with entertainment through a new video game called Slogout.  Slogout was released into the market recently. Players can feel reality while playing this game. Bowler can bowl while running and batsman can come forward to hit the ball. All the multi graphical options exist in the game. Also player can visit the score board. Only in Just Slogout, Slogout Classic games, player can select the desired format of game. To enjoy full version, player has to register. Then he could select the team, opposite team and number of overs to be played. Moreover, player could view the statistical analysis of individual scores of players also. For more details, visit http://slogout.cricinfo.com.

nPower Cricket Game

Do you want to stay more time in crease in test match by playing defense shots like Rahul Dravid? Then you could play the nPower Cricket Game. User can start the game initially with arrow mark keys. Batsman can be moved left side or right side using left and right arrow keys respectively to the direction of ball coming from the bowler. To hit the ball, it is just enough to press up arrow key. If batsman hit a four or six, then audience in the gallery would cheer with claps and shouts. For more details, visit http://goo.gl/VjoTf. Another new special game named Super Sixers is launched into the market. Once the batsman knows the place where bowler bounces the ball, then he could turn every delivery into a boundary. This is the specialty of cricket in Super Sixers game. Once the game is started, all the fielders and bowler would be ready on the ground for playing. A small box is visible on the pitch where the ball is going to bounce on it. Batsman can be moved based on the location of box visible on the pitch and hit the shots accordingly. To move the batsman, arrow keys have to be used. To hit a bowl in batting or to deliver a bowl in bowling, space bar key has to be used. For more details, visit http://goo.gl/D9SgJ,  http://goo.gl?HyqSx.

Bodyline Game

Are you a good bowler? Do you want to create panic in batsman by attacking his weakness with your good bowling following the line and length in your own way? Then you have to play Bodyline game. By observing the box around the batsman and based on the lines inside the box, bodyline bowling can be done efficiently. To deliver a ball, space bar key has to be used. For the bowling delivered by player, he could see the batsman getting injured or fainted or carrying batsman on stretcher in this game. For more details, visit http://goo.gl/94GPM.  Do you remember the cricket played in streets by accumulating the bricks or boxes as wickets? To play the same street cricket again, visit http://goo.gl/A1P52. This game can be played with mouse pointer also.


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