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30fps Video Recording Coming To The Nokia N8

 Nokia N8

The Nokia N8 has been around since quite some time, and it has been fairly successful, even though it hasn’t been able to match up against its Android competitors. At its launch, the highlight of the handset was the 12 MP camera, making it one of the best camera-phones in the market. Unfortunately for it, that does not make it a better smartphone. Users have been complaining about the lack of sufficient apps in the Ovi Store.

An update, more appropriately: the Symbian Anna update, is on its way for the N8, apparently to bring a fluid web browsing experience and improve performance. Now, information has been trickling in about some more potential changes expected to make their way to the smartphone via this update.

Nokia N8Damien Dinning, who is well versed with Nokia’s mobile cameras, Tweeted unofficially that the N8 will shortly receive an update, which will improve some aspects of the camera and also bring 30fps video recording to the handset. Currently, the N8 can record 720p HD videos at 24 fps, and even that appears slightly pixelated. Many of the recent handsets are capable of recording video at 30fps, so there’s nothing new or revolutionary with the update. Damien said, “There will be an N8 specific update coming which will. You need the code from Anna though”. This new update is also said to bring continuous autofocus to the N8’s camera, thus considerably improving its performance. However, there is already an application on the Nokia Ovi Store, which brought continuous autofocus to the N8, while 30fps video recording also has been available since quite some time, courtesy of a hack. Nevertheless, it is always better to have the feature officially offered by the manufacturer.

While an improvement in the performance of the device will certainly be welcomed, updates to the camera may not impress everyone. It would be interesting to see how N8 will perform with the Symbian Anna update, given the amount of hype surrounding latter.


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