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Facebook and Twitter Kick Out Indian Hacker Group

Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter have kicked out the Indian arm of a hacker group known as Anonymous, known as Anonymous Operation India, one week after they hacked into major Indian government websites, threatening to compromise national security. Therefore, the Operation India Facebook page and @operationindia Twitter handle owned by the group, have now become inaccessible. You may already know that the Anonymous group was responsible for recently attacking Sony’s servers, in addition to acts of online aggression against the governments of Iran, Spain, New Zealand and Colombia.

While little was known about their activity in India until recently, they came into the limelight with the hacking of the websites of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) and the Indian Army, last week. The group defaced the NIC website URL with a graffiti and declaration stating, “We exist without nationality. We exist with humanity. NIC took 3 mins.” They did the same to the Indian Army’s website, taking it down for an hour, and releasing login names and password details, as well as forensic logs of indianarmy.nic.in.

Though the DoS attack, reportedly did not cause any loss of data, the group later boasted on the site, “We took Down Indian Army Official Site and NIC knows more what we did.” Anonymous claimed responsibility for both hacks in a message posted on their IRC group saying, “The NIC hack, was merely a taste of what may come…The time has come now, when we’ll wage a war of independence – from corruption and we promise to fight till the end.” In addition to boasting of their achievements, they have placed some demands, most of them being reasonable, though we do agree that the method used is a bit crude.

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