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RGV 's new horror film titled "BHOOoo"

RGV is back to haunt the audience with yet another horror flick titled BHOOoo.This film is going to be a sequel to his blockbuster supernatural thriller BHOOT which is considered to be the best horror film in modern indian cinema.Ram Gopal Varma has given an explanation for arriving on this Title saying that “BHHOOoo comes from that its the most commonly uttered sound by us as kids when we want to scare the daylights out of anyone”.He also adds that “But when that sound BHHOOo we utter as kids is used in a adult horror film context it completely changes in its intention and intensity”.The Tagline for this film is going to be “if `Bhoot` scared you ”BHHOOoo” will kill you”.RGV is very excited about this project and says that “So after my `RAAT` `BHOOT` and `PHOONK` just get ready fr the mother of all of them ”BHHOOoo” the film in the realm of BHOOT 2”. RGV has earlier made horror films like Raat,Bhoot and Phoonk by taking hollywood film “The Exorcists” as an inspiration.Horror has always been one of RGV’s favourite genre,So lets see if he manages to scare the audience this time after an unsuccessful attempt of Phoonk.Also get ready for some unique RGV style publicity for the horror film.

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