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Various Softwares Which are used for USB Drive Security

It is very important to store the data and protect the personal computer from virus while using the pen drives. Few tips which can be used for safe use of pen drives are given below.


There are special softwares to scan the USB drive and USB Disk Security is one of them. Unidentified virus will completely block the files automatically at few incidents and this disk security check help the people in protecting the data in pen drive. It can be run on all the windows platforms and people can also download the updates from time to time. USB Disk Security can be downloaded from www. zbshareware.com/ download.html


Avast 5.0 can be used to remove the malware and spyware in the system. This will be useful to remove the autorun virus which is mostly seen in the drive. While formatting the pen drive, people should select the FAT32 option instead of FAT. Pen drives should not be placed in the hot areas. www. avast.com can be used to download avast software.

Flash Security

USB Flash Security is another option to install freely and use the data safely. People can lock the pen drive with password and data will stored safely with the self lock option after removing the drive. Flash Security can be downloaded from http:// goo.gl/z9RyN

Pen drive should be placed in the rice sack when it is fallen in water. It should be dried completely before using it again. After seven hours only, pen drive should be connected to the system again. When it is connected to the system when wet, data will be corrupted with short circuit.

People should not open the drive with autoplay option and it is not the correct method. This will make the files to be stored in the system automatically. Autorun option should be disabled and data in the drive should be accessed or opened only after scanning the pen drive with updated antivirus. Virus can be controlled by opening the drive from windows explorer address bar instead of My computer option.

CLAMWIN free antivirus

CLAMWIN free Antivirus is being used by more than 6,00,000 people across the world. This will remove the virus and spywares with high detection rate. People can set the time for automatic scanning of the system everyday and it will also remove the attachments from Microsoft outlook which are affected with virus. People can download the software from www. clamwin.com/ content/view/18/46

Dr. Web CureIt

People need to download Dr. Web CureIt when they want to keep special doctor for the system and pen drives. People can get the free version if they are home users. CureIt database is being updated every day for facing the new viruses. Protection mode should be selected while installing the software. People can install Dr. CureIt from www. freeweb.com/ cureit

USB Firewall

USB Firewall is the one which alerts the people about various viruses in the pen drive when it is connected. Background application will be working always after installing the USB Firewall. There won’t be any virus updates in USB Firewall. http:// goo.gl/nmTDu is the URL address for downloading USB Firewall.


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