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Nokia Maps to come pre-installed with Series 40 phones

Nokia Series 40 phones will now come with pre installed maps and places of interest.

The maps installed on the phones will be for the region where the phone is bought. It means the maps will be available to the users even when the phone is not connected with the Internet. Hence, users will save on the costs of downloading maps on their phones through mobile networks.

 The updated Nokia Maps for Series 40 phones received extra attention simply because the feature comes free with the phones. This is a big boost to the capabilities of the Series 40 phones since these are low end phones targeted at emerging markets.

 These maps do not depend on the GPS” target=”_blank”>Global Positioning System (GPS), rather it calculates the location of the user from the nearby cell phone towers. The phones will have smart routing software installed as well, so the phone will be able to provide turn by turn navigation to the users too.

 Those who would like to know their location with the help of online features (such as the GPS) will be able to do so also. With Nokia Maps, users can also share their location with other users by paying a nominal data charge, which is as small as the charge of sending one SMS.

 Maps of other regions can be installed on the phone by using the memory card, so the users do not feel lost when they are abroad.


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