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Sakshat Tablet Set to be Released

Sakshat Tablet
There was a lot of buzz surrounding the extremely budget friendly Sakshat which was supposed to be announced by the beginning of the year. However the much awaited arrival of the Android enabled tablet seems to be drawing to a close with reports suggesting that the tablet is set to be delivered to IIT Rajasthan by late June.

There are a lot of features with pretty impressive specifications and its price is touted to be in the region of Rs. 2,200. These tablets are going to be available for students in India with the Indian Government having recently announcing that 10,000 units of the Sakshat tablets will be delivered to IIT Rajasthan. Reports are also suggesting that over the next four months around 90,000 units would be made available for Rs. 2,200 a piece. The Indian government plans to subsidize the price by around 50 percent enabling a student to purchase it for Rs. 1,100.

For those of you who are not familiar with what the Sakshat tablet is about, here is a little information on the specifications:

* Display: Touch Screen
* Keyboard: Built in
* RAM: 2GB
* Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
* Operating System: Linux
* Power: 2 watt

The additional features of the Sakshat tablet include:

* Video web conferencing facility
* Multimedia content viewer for example pdf, jpeg, zip, etc.
* Computing capabilities such as Open Office, SciLab
* Internet browsing using flash plug-in and JavaScript.

We will just have to wait and see if the Sakshat tablet will deliver on all fronts and if it will, for certain, be unveiled by the end of June.


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