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Vaadu Veedu Review

Vaadu Veedu

Vaadu Veedu (Avan Ivan) Review Rating: 2/5
Banner: AGS Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Cast: Aarya, Madhu Shalini, Vishal
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
cinematography: A Wilson
Producer: Vikram Krishna
Direction: Bala

Vaadu Veedu Movie Review – Vadu Veedu Review – Avan Ivan Review – Rating, Tamil Movie – Telugu Movie Review: Director Bala, who makes non-formulaic yet commercial films with characters that we don’t come across too often, has now come up with Avan Ivan, which was dubbed in Telugu as Vaadu Veedu. Bala said that he has tried an entertainer in his style. So, did he succeed in churning out an entertainer with his type of characters? Know the details in Avan Ivan, i.e. Vaadu Veedu review.


Walter (Vishal) and Dandalu Saami (Arya) are thieves and also stepbrothers. They are so much attached to Highness (GM Kumar) who has no one to take care of except Walter and Saami. Highness is like the protector of that village. He lives life like a king. One day Highness confronts with a wrongdoer (RK), who comes to seek revenge. What happens next forms the climax of this film.


Bala who never tried his hand at comedy tried to make a comedy entertainer with some typical characters that are seen in rural Tamilnadu. The take off of the movie and the introduction of characters is good. The flow seems smooth until a point and suddenly we start feeling that this film is heading nowhere. The director never raises a conflict even at the interval point.

We feel that Bala is trying to make a time pass entertainer where the conflict will only be raised in the second half of the film. But even in the second half the story never moves from the starting point. Only towards the end there enters a negative character any person with head on shoulders would predict what happens next.

This is by far the weakest movie that Bala has ever made. It neither has a script nor a strong base. All the characters are underdeveloped. Most of the scenes are irrelevant to the subject. Also the best parts of the film resemble Siva Putrudu (Pitamagan) and hence lack any freshness.

Real Bala is only seen in the climax scenes but that too seems very forced and completely unwanted. The film ends abruptly and that is another drawback.


Vishal steals the show with his wonderful performance. He has put in so much pain and efforts to play this character. His performance in the scene where he shows navarasas stands as a strong example for his talent. Arya was not given much importance. He did his part well. Janani Iyer is cute and Madhu Shalini doesn’t have much scope. GM Kumar’s performance is natural. Ambika and Prabha lived up to their characters. Rest of the star cast is fine with their job.


Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is good. Although there aren’t any songs that can be remembered, his background score is brilliant. Aurthur A Wilson’s cinematography is topnotch. Suresh Urs editing is okay.

Bala penned the story and screenplay and he has utterly failed in this department. Although the director in him came to rescue the film at times, the writing has let the film down. Bala’s mark can be seen in few scenes but it will disappoint his fans on a whole due to soulless and pointless script.

Plus Points:

  • Vishal’s performance
  • Background score
  • Few entertaining scenes in the first half

Minus points:

  • Story and screenplay
  • Boring second half
  • Pointless narration

Final Word: Vaadu Veedu – A rare bad film from Bala

Box office predictions: Vaadu Veedu opened well due to Bala factor and interesting promotion. It is likely to lose the steam pretty soon. Avan Ivan might not be a damp squib at the box office as the nativity factor might work with Tamil audience.


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