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One Xoom Wasn’t Enough

One Xoom

There seems to be some speculation as to whether Verizon is releasing the Xoom 2. Apparently the new Xoom will only feature minor tweaks to its older version. However, it looks as if it will be slimmer and lighter.

Critics are weary of the Xoom 2. The original Xoom was incredibly expensive and didn’t offer the features its rival tablet-the iPad did.

The new Verizon commercial is indeed nonsense. It features a woman clutching the Verizon device that is only identifiable by the Verizon logo.

Critics are hoping that it is not another Xoom. The original product didn’t do too well in the first place. It claimed to be the ultimate Honeycomb tablet. The sales didn’t reflect this claim. It is considered to be overly priced, hard to hold and lacked a USB host port and microSD card clot. It would make more sense to stop Xoom’s production rather than release another version of it.

Does it really think it can stand in the way of Apple’s iPad? If anything, it will make the iPad that much more appealing.


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