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Asus Reveals India AMD F1A75 Series Motherboards

Fusion Powered!

Just the other day AMD launched two desktop APUs, the A6-3650 and the A8-3850 and Asus didn’t waste any time in launching a slew of motherboards to go with it. The new series is based on the A75 chipset, which is only compatible with the Fusion APUs and not the Phenom II or Athlon II desktop CPUs.

Asus will equip all these boards with their proprietary features like DIGI+ VRM and UEFI BIOS. The F1A75-V Evo, in particular happens to be the world’s first FM1 socket motherboard to support CrossFireX. The entire range will also have native support for USB 3.0, SATA 6Gbps and other Asus features like EZ Flash, AI Probe, SmartFan, etc.

We’ve also got some pricing details for the first wave of motherboards from Asus. All the prices are before taxes.

  • F1A75-V PRO – Rs.8,250
  • F1A75-M PRO  – Rs.7,350
  • F1A75-M – Rs.6,400
  • F1A75-M LE – Rs.5,900

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