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Gol Gumbaz largest dome construction in the world

Gol Gumbaz

Gol Gumbaz is the beautiful tomb located in Bijapur in Karnataka. This tomb is constructed in the memory of Mohammad Adil Shah of Adil Shahi dynasty of Indian Sultans. Gol means round and Gumbaz means dome. The name is given as Gol Gumbaz as the dome is round in shape and it is constructed by Yaqut Dabul in 1659. There are 50m towers which are 160 feet high on the four sides of the construction. There are 7 storeys in each tower and these towers reflect the China pagodia. The dome of the Gol Gumbaz is 43.3 in height and this is the biggest dome in the world. The area of Pantheon in Rome is 14,996 square feet where as the area of the Gol Gumbaz is 18,225 square feet. There is round balcony also inside the Gol Gumbaz and the sound can be heard on the other side from one side. Any small sound is heard 7 times and there are tombs of Adil Shah and his relatives inside. The actual tombs are on the underside of the construction and there are stairs on the west side to go near the tombs.

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