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Opera Mini Mobile | Opera Mini Mobile web browsers AutoComplete support

 Opera has rolled out: updated versions of Opera Mini 6.1 and Opera Mobile 11.1 mobile web browsers for majority of modern mobile platforms. These updated versions of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile bring AutoComplete and Google Voice search support. After installing the new versions on the mobile phones, users will get more search suggestions from Google and Yandex services. Visit the m.opera.com from your mobile’s browser and download the respective version.

The functionality gap between mobile web browser and web browser for desktops is getting smaller. Opera Mini and Opera Mobile has played significant role in making mobile web browsing a tad easier experience.

New versions of the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile bring desktop-like features such as AutoComplete, searching from address bar, better CSS and HTML5 support, Google Voice search support and even domain autocomplete option for several popular domains.

Both mobile web browsers are meant for same purpose but support different platforms. For instance, Opera Mini 6.1 uses a specific data compression technology that enables faster page loads on the mobile devices running Java, Symbian S60, iOS, Android and BlackBerry platforms. It’s shows a mobile web version of a full-fledged website.

The Opera Mobile is a fully functional mobile web browser that supports HTML5 and also data compression technology. Opera Mobile is meant for smartphones and tablets that run Android, Symbian S60, and MeeGo platform based devices.

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile support number of Indian languages and there by continue to remain popular amongst people speaking and using different languages.


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