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Notion Ink set to Adam 2

Notion Ink set

We had earlier last month reported on Notion Ink resuming its popular tablet device Adam. The Bangalore-based company had garnered quite a bit of traffic since it started developing this tablet and the unique approach it took to market it to the fans. The low cost 1.6 pound device packed in with NVIDIA Tegra 250 chip and dual core Cortex A-9 was greeted with mixed reviews from tech experts when it was launched.

Now the Adam fans have more to talk about. It seems that Notion Ink are on their way to develop Adam 2. According to Googlereader who broke the news earlier, Adam 2 should be ready by December this year and will make a debut in CES in 2012. Rohan Shravan,CEO of Notion Ink way quoted as saying “this December you should see Adam 2 if everything goes fine. We love CES.”

The new Adam 2 device is rumored to be powered by new Nvidia Tegra 3 processor which is slated to release by second half of 2011. So, what makes Nvidia Tegra 3  stunning?  The Nvidia Tegra 3 packs in a
12-Core Nvidia GPU with support for 3D stereo, Video output up to 2560×1600, 1080p H.264 High Profile video decode and much more. Other than that there are also rumors of two rear facing cameras and using Google Android Honeycomb 3.2.

While Adam 2 work is in full swing, things are looking bright for Adam too. The company is working on tweaking the existing tablets with some updates and add ons. To begin with we shall see the Adam get the Android gingerbread treatment along with a Kindle ebook reader and video and music players. Those who already own Adam tablets can make this upgrade too. Adam tablet containing a Backlit LCD, WiFi+3G costs around Rs. 22,000 and if you would like to have one with a Pixel Qi LCD which comes with better power consumption and offers sunlight readability you can get it for Rs 24,000.

The pricing details for different versions of the Adam tablet are mentioned below:

Backlit LCD, WiFi only: Rs. 19,000
Backlit LCD, WiFi+3G: Rs. 22,000
Pixel Qi LCD, WiFi: Rs. 24,000
Pixel Qi LCD, WiFi+3G: Rs. 27,000

We hope that Notion Ink has learnt from their mistakes with Adam – too many pre-order of hoops, shortage of tablets and will be taking us with surprise with Adam2.


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