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Volkswagen Riding High Sales

Volkswagen Riding High on Sales

There has been a heavy sale recorded of the American version of the Volkswagen Jetta. There has been the new strategy used by dealers to attract customers. This strategy has been the slashing of prices. There was a cut of as much as $ 1600, and this has made a larger number of people come ad buy this car.

The car has already seen record sales for the year. This has been achieved even though there was a subsequent price hike of $500 in April. The sales of June have gone up by 88% for the Wagon and for the Sedan as well. June was the month where Jetta made most of its sales so far.

The six month sales of the car went up as much as 91,752 units, which is a huge jump and is very beneficial for the firm.

The strategy of the firm has been to increase sales with the help of slashed prices. They have come up with new amendments in their clauses and this has led to excellent sales of their cars.

“We are selling more units above $19,000 than ever before”, said Jonathan Browning, CEO of Volkswagen Group of America.


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