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Google Plus | The Power of Plus

The power of Plus

Google Plus has seeped into conversations at coffee stores and workplaces. Even Twitterverse is exploding with opinions on this latest social networking site.

Techie Vudaiy Kumar is curious to check out Google Plus. “I am a Facebook faithful, and not sure if I will convert to Google Plus. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to give it a try,” he says.

Those who have experimented with Google Plus are fascinated by it. Swaraj Barooah, a doctorate student, says, “Its privacy options are a definite ‘plus’ over Facebook. It’s much easier to control. Facebook tends to overshare information, Twitter is the reverse, but Google Plus strikes a balance between the two.” Technology aficianados feels that Google Plus shows promise. “You will have to go through the process of re-learning as is with any new product. But it’s faster than the other social networking sites and integrates with gmail seamlessly, making life much easier. It has interesting features such as ‘Circles’ (where contacts can be segregated into friends, family, acquaintances and so on) and ‘Hangouts’ (it lets you set up group video calling with any of your Circles),” says Chenthil Mohan.

In the midst of this hullabaloo, there are people who are experiencing an overwhelming sense of fatigue regarding social networking sites in general. “I shifted loyalty from Orkut to Facebook when FB made an entry. But I have reached a saturation point now and am very close to de-activating my FB account. It sure is a great way to keep in touch with people. However, after a point the attack on your privacy starts to get to you,” says model Mitali R, adding, “Forget becoming a member of Google Plus, I am least interested in trying it out even once. There’s an overdose of social networking sites right now and we don’t need another addition.”


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