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Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II

Here’s the good news: The Samsung Galaxy S II Android smartphone has shattered the company’s sales records by reaching more than three million units sold within the device’s first 55 days of existence. That’s all of 30 days faster than the original Galaxy S smartphone was able to achieve a similar milestone.

The bad news? You can’t have one. And by that, we’re speaking to American smartphone enthusiasts who still await official word that either the Galaxy S II (or a rebranded version of the phone) is launching on a U.S. carrier anytime soon.

According to Samsung, a single Galaxy S II device sold every 1.5 seconds since the phone’s April launch, and the smartphone did much to boost Samsung’s presence within European markets. Samsung Electronics has spent 17 weeks at the top of the U.K.’s mobile phone sales charts, and the Galaxy S II jumped to fourth and third place for smartphone sales within Austria and Switzerland, respectively, shortly after its launch. The Galaxy S II commands a 30 percent market share in Austria and a 36 percent market share in Switzerland.

For American consumers looking to import this hot item, you might be able to save a little bit on fees due to the imminent release of the Galaxy S II in Canada. Reports indicate that the smartphone is scheduled to hit stores July 14 in the great white north, supported by carriers Bell, SaskTel, and Virgin Mobile–for right now, at least.

While rumors have been swirling as to the Galaxy S II’s American unveiling, trying to nail down even an anticipated release date has been difficult. The latest Internet chatter suggests that Sprint’s renamed Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Within, will be dropping around late July. An initial report that put Verizon’s launch of the Galaxy S II (renamed the Galaxy Function) in July was later determined to be inaccurate, so it’s unclear as to what that carrier’s timeline is for the device. And while we have strong suspicions that the phrase, “Galaxy Attain” will be a part of the title of AT&T’s variant, there’s been no talk regarding the smartphone’s release on that carrier.

But hey–names are better than nothing, right? Once the American launch hits, Samsung should be able to rocket even closer to its overall goal of 10 million Galaxy S II smartphones sold.


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