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Google Maps 5.7 Application

Google Maps 5.7

Google has released an update for its maps application for Android based devices. Amongst the others, the star feature of this update is the addition of the navigation for public transit.

So now with the new Google Maps, people will be able to get turn by turn navigation while driving, and stop by stop navigation while using the public transportation system.

Transit Navigation uses GPS to determine your current location along your route and alerts you when it’s time to get off or make a transfer. After starting your trip with Transit Navigation, you can open another application or put your phone away entirely; Google Maps will still display an alert in your notification bar and vibrate your phone when your stop is coming up.

This would be particularly helpful if you’re traveling in a foreign country, local language of which you do not know and hence can’t read the route maps or understand the announcements.

Although very useful, the transit navigation is still in the beta phase which means that there might be some minor issues with the newly added feature. Presently, the public transit navigation feature provides details and travel direction for both bus and metro routes in four major cities in India including Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Delhi.

Besides, the Google maps application has also upgraded the search suggestions which will give faster and more accurate results. Along with that, Google Maps has also updated the directions that will tell the users the fastest possible route to the destination while using Google maps.

This update requires an Android OS 2.1+ device and works anywhere Google Maps is currently available.


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