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Smartphones and the Cloud

Smartphones are now the fastest selling mobile devices, and their sales have overtaken laptops and desktop PCs. Every month or so we find that there has been some kind of innovation of other, and rumours are rife concerning future developments. With improvements being made to both hardware and software, there is no doubt that they are continually getting smarter.

One factor that is driving the development of smartphones is the increasing attention that is being paid to cloud computing. Although for some time we have been able to access the cloud through various interfaces on computers, we can now access it via our smartphones.

The beauty of the cloud is that we do not have to store large programmes and reams of data on our mobile devices, which of course leave much more space for everything else. It is not surprising that phones built on the Google Android platform are equipped to access the cloud as Google has been one of the very early adopters of the cloud philosophy, but now Microsoft is also muscling in with their new Mango operating system, which will be launched later this year and will be installed on Nokia and other smartphones.

Apple is also getting progressively more into the act too with the iPhone 4. The Apple contribution to the cloud is what they call the iCloud. This will allow users the ability to upload their music library to the cloud and subsequently stream it to any Apple mobile device. Users will also be able to stream video, movies and television programmes.

Of course the other major player in the cloud is Amazon, but recently the organisation was hit by a setback when their systems went down. Perhaps ordinary consumers may be able to cope with outages, but this is not the case for big business. If business is to move into the cloud in a big way, then the systems must be demonstrated to be 100% reliable. Geo-security is also an important issue. If servers should go down in one geographical area then their function must be transferred seamlessly and virtually instantly to backup servers located elsewhere.

No doubt these difficulties will be addressed and eventually overcome and accessing the cloud will become as routine as sending a text message.

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