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2013 BMW F30 3-Series

F30 BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3-Series may not be the best seller in India but it does account for a big chunk of its sales at the end of the month. The car has been with us for years now and has also undergone a facelift during its lifecycle. The model that followed the original E90 BMW 3-Series had a redesigned front bumper and bonnet while at the rear new tail lamps gave it a fresh look. With the next generation of the 3-Series BMW might go the 5-Series way in the design department.

F30 BMW 3 SeriesThe first prototype has been spotted under heavy disguise and from what we could make out, the new 3-Series does share fair bit of its styling cues with the new 5er. First of all the headlamp cluster with its twin corona lights is more elongated and resembles that of the F10 BMW 5-Series. The twin kidney grille is more upright and wider, very much like that of the BMW 6 Series convertible which was launched a few months back.

F30 BMW 3 SeriesThe overall proportions of the car look similar to the current 3-Series but with added character lines running down its body. At the rear too, the tail lamps are very much similar to those on the F10 BMW 5 Series. Although, you cannot see the rear lamps in detail, the way they have been disguised gives away much of their shape. Also, the rear end, especially the boot lid with its prominent crease on the top has a hint of the F10 BMW 5 Series.

F30 BMW 3 SeriesIn India, BMW offers two petrol and one diesel option on the BMW 3-Series. The 3.0 litre engine on the 330i puts out 190 KW while the 2.0 litre version on the 320i puts out 115 KW of power. The 320d which is the best seller among the BMW 3-Series models, puts out 135 KW and 380 Nm of torque from its four cylinder diesel engine. The F30 BMW 3-Series is expected to come with new greener and fuel efficient engines along with BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology.


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