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Who Removes Google+ | Google+ Removes


Google + seems to have emerged as the hottest tech hangout in the past few days. After the initial scrambling for invites, now it notifications time from people adding you on Google+.

But other than the people adding you, it may also be interesting to know the ones deleting you from their Circles. If yes, here’s a browser extension to know just that. Aptly called GoogleMinus, the browser extension lets you know when someone deletes you from their circles.

Developed by Aaron Frost, Google Minus can be installed on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Once installed, you will recieve a notification each time someone removes you from his / her Circles on Google+.

As to how to get going with GoogleMinus, you just need to install Kynetx browser extension. According to scribbal.com, the extension allows developers to create apps that run on several browsers and add extra functionality when they visit social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.


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