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GoogleMinus Removing From Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles

Finding out who has added you to their circles on Google+ is easy. You get a notification every time that someone adds you. However, Google is a little more reluctant to let you know when you have been deleted from someone else’s circle. A new browser extension has been launched that lets you know any time someone removes you from their circles.

GoogleMinus is a browser extension that you can install on Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. If you have the extension running on your Web browser, you will receive a pop-up notification when you are removed from a circle. That’s really all there is to it, but Aaron Frost, who developed GoogleMinus, says that enhancements are on the way soon.

To use GoogleMinus, you will first have to install the Kynetx browser extension. This extension lets developers create apps that run on several browsers and add extra functionality when you visit social networks such asFacebook, Twitter, YouTube and, of course, Google+. You will have to create an account on the Kynetx website by authenticating your Google or Facebook account. Once you have done so and have installed Kynetx, you will be able to install any Kynetx app, including GoogleMinus.

Of course, to find out if and when anyone removes you from their circles, you will have to have your browser open, as this is not an app that will run in the background on your Google+ account.


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