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6 Features Google+ needs to Overcome Facebook

When someone finds his way to glory, everyone tries to copy him. Some succeed and flourish statistically but others backslide. Same is the case with Facebook andGoogle+. Facebook is an incumbent power in the social networking and almost every 4th person uses it, while Google has a widely spread network , large brand name and many services for which people sign up. But Google lacks a “strong” social networking site. For this purpose, Google has introduced “Google+” but it isn’t as splendid as Facebook.

Although Google provides different services like private chat, news streams accommodating with our preferences and selective content post feature but still Google+ lacks some features without which it can’t be compelling hegemony. Here are some features which Google should make it’s first choices.

1- Augment “Circles”:

Google+ has introduced the idea of circles which is absolutely brilliant. OnFacebook, obviously your specific information and messages can only be seen by the group of friends you have selected but still your general profile can  be seen by your “all” friends. However, on Google+ your information can only be seen by whom you have selected but none other than that. But the circles are a little bit simple. All of us would love to see the improvement in the structure of circles so that we may select users, especially from a whole account, more properly.

2- Conclusive Analysis:

If you are doing something practical, you’d like to maintain a record. For a social networking site, you must be aware that how many users are newly added or lost, everyday, even how many people clicked on your links so that you may know about the progress of your site. Both Google+ and Facebook lack this feature. So, if Google+ develops this feature, it can go ahead of Facebook at least in something.

3- Search by Field and Interests:

There are some common ways of searching people like by user names or by location etc. Google+ is also using the same technique. But the problem is that most of the people haven’t seen their friends or classmates for years. So, people can’t find them because they don’t know about their whereabouts. In this case, people would love to see an option that will enable them to search their friends by their interests and field. If Google+ makes such a service available for people then it will be a revolutionary step.

4- Direct Import from Facebook to Google+:

Most of the people want to import their data from Facebook to Google+ but can’t do that. The reason is that the Facebook Contact Exporting tool, which was used for this purpose, has been blocked by Facebook. To overcome this problem, people have to import all their data to Yahoo mail and then again import that data from Yahoo to Google+. This is all very irritating. So, people wish to see an option which would enable them to directly import their data from Facebook to Google+.

5- Check Posting of Improper Content:

On Facebook, there is a proper system which blocks the inappropriate stuff. On the contrary, Google+ doesn’t pays enough attention to the stuff which is inappropriate and offensive. This is really a negative point. Google+ should also use the same technique as Google search i.e. pictures appear on Google Search after being filtered.

6- Better Privacy Options:

The index of Google+ can be searched from Google search and all people can see that. There must be a better option because mostly people do not want this to happen. They want  their posts to be unexposed for some business reasons. On the whole, privacy of Google+ is a bit weak so Google+ should work that out to go ahead of Facebook.


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