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Google Brings Some Innovative Features to Google Earth 6

Google Earth 6

Source: TechRadar

Google has released Google Earth 6 – with the latest version of the digital atlas apparently bringing realism to a new level as well as ‘true’ integration with Street View.

The sixth incarnation of search giant’s popular mapping tool has just surfaced. With this latest version of this digital atlas, Google has definitely succeeded to take realism to a new height. The new incarnation has been described by the company as a true integration with Street View as well as with 3D trees.

About this new launch, Peter Birch, the product manager at Google Earth, says: “The first edition of that wonder tool really allowed the internet users to get the true experience of virtual flying in the outer space and right from the top of their house. It, definitely, gave people a feel of a super-human first time in their lives. Then some further improvements were done and things became even more exciting and online users experienced some new levels of viewing the world.

“Then the time came when we took a small step to take our impressive tool to street level simply by implementing Street View in Google Earth that allowed users to fly into the panoramas of Street View.

“Now with the launch of Google Earth 6, the Street View experience has been further enhanced and with this full integration, the viewers can travel to outer space right from the doorstep and the nice thing is that they can do that in just a single seamless flight.”

3D trees

It doesn’t end here, as another nice addition that going to be the part of it are 3D trees that will bring charmingly detailed 3D models of a wide array of species of trees from different corners of the world. Google has just started planting trees in its impressive tool that will definitely provide a experience that a considerable number of internet users have been waiting for quite some time.


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