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Kanchana Review | Kanchana Movie Review


Banner: Sri Sai Ganesh Productions Pvt., Ltd.
Cast: Lawrence, Lakshmi Rai, Sarathkumar, Kovai Sarala
Music: Thaman S
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh
Direcor: Lawrence Raghavendra

Kanchana Review Rating: 2.5/5

Kanchana Movie Review – Muni 2 Review – Kanchana Rating, Telugu Movie Review, Muni 2 Tamil Movie Review: Ragahava Lawrence who has proved his mettle has director once again comes up with a horror flick. This is Kanchana, a sequel to his film Muni. Despite Muni’s failure he came up with Muni 2, why? Find out the details in Kanchana Review…

Raghava (Lawrence) is a happy man who is leading life with his small family. He is feared of darkness and ghosts. One day he plays cricket in a burial ground and that time the stumps which were hit into the ground accidentally hits the dead body that was under the mud. Ragahva unknowingly carries away those stumps which have blood stains on them. With those stains ghosts come into his house and starts doing all scary things. Finally they settle in Raghava’s body. From then on he behaves in a peculiar manner and when they comes to know that there are three ghosts in his body. One of it is Kanchana (Sarath Kumar). Kanchana was a hijra who feels that they too should have equal rights along with the other genders. Kanchana gets killed brutally and his spirit uses Raghava to avenge his/her death.


Kanchana’s basic plot is similar to that of Muni. Here the ghost changes from a mass leader to hijra. Lawrence tried to include sentiment into this horror drama through Kanchana’s character. However he took too much time in character establishment. This is a three hour long movie and that is a big minus for a horror/thriller genre movie. The screenplay drags on and on and tests audience patience. The crux of the movie is limited to last half an hour and the rest is nothing. Lawrence’s attempt to do a complex character is suicidal. Any other lead man with good acting capabilities would have done wonders to this film.

People who have seen Muni will find this movie similar to it and hence the fresh appeal is completely missing. Lawrence said that he made this film to rectify the mistakes he has done in the first part. He brought in a strong actor in Sarath Kumar and also added some sentiment factor to it. Other than that Kanchana is not better than its predecessor in any way. There are elements which would please the masses and they should lap this film to make it a hit.


Lawrence is a total miscast in this film. He didn’t suit the character at all. He hardly can emote and doing a role which has multiple personality disorder like thing is so much to ask for himself. Only his dances were good and there is nothing new in those dances too. Lakshmi Rai’s role is confined to songs and she tried to sizzle as much as she can. Sarath Kumar’s role is limited. It would have been good if he had given more screen space. Only his performance stays with you.It is a big challenge for a heftily built man to do the role of hijra and Sarath Kumar stood up to the challenge. Kovai Sarala and Deiva Darshini did well in their respective roles.


Thaman’s music is not appealing. It has Tamil flavor and won’t appeal to Telugu audience. Background score is good though. Cinematography is an asset to this film. Lighting schemes are eerie and scares you big time. Art department did a good job too. VFX and CGI work is up to the mark. Production values are fine. Technically Kanchana is a sound film.

Lawrence exhibited his skills as a director in parts. Some shots are really good. He should stop acting to become a good director. Also his writing is poor and lacks logic. He should come up with more intelligence in writing scripts.

Plus Points:

– Cinematography
– Background score
– Sarath Kumar

Minus points:

– Lawrence performance
– Dragging screenplay
– Weak storyline

Final Word:
 Kanchana – A ‘horror’ film with a ‘horrifying’ performance from the lead man.

Box office predictions: Kanchana was bought for just one and a half crore rupees says the trade reports. It would be profitable to everyone in Telugu. We have to see how Tamil masses receive this film.


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