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Top Five 3D TVs For On Budget 3D Fans

Top Five 3D TVs

Results of a recent study show that by the end of next year, almost 20% TV sets will be 3D. The numbers are almost the same as the Samsung market share. Samsung is also quite well known for its reasonably priced 3D TV sets. The study was conducted by Currys, a major retailer or one of the retailers, which currently securitizing the depth charge before Christmas.  The report reveals that replacing the traditional tallys with 3D sets is not that easy and shoppers will definitely have to spend a good deal of bucks to give their TV lounges 3D touch.

But those who have decided to get on the 3D bandwagon and looking for some reasonably priced options, the following TVs can serve you best, but yet you need a good deal of bucks even to avail these reasonably priced options.

1) Samsung PS50C680 3D Plasma

Source: reghardware


If you are a 3D fan and living in North America, Best Buy can really make you have the best buy. Recently, this 3D TV set is being made available through online sources in the UK too. It features a 50-inch screen with 3D Blu-ray player that really make it a nice package for 3D lovers. Currently, you will find most of online retailers out of stock.

2) Panasonic TX-P42GT20 3D plasma

Source: displayblog

When it comes to picture quality, Panasonic TX-P42GT20 3D plasma can offer you the stuff you are looking for. This 42-inch plasma TV is the best plasma in its price and loaded with all the features and functions that can definitely make your viewing experience really exciting. In UK, Best Buy offering Panasonic 50-inch 3D plasma TV in just £1,799.99.

3) Samsung PS50C490 3D plasma TV

Source: phonestechnology

Pixmania is selling this model in the French market at very low price. It was mooted to get a price tag of around £915 in the UK. It includes 3D Hyper Real engine, but there are AllShare media streaming capabilities that you can see in PS50C680 which houses a 50-inch screen and has slightly higher specs. Two years standard warranty and mains adaptor has also been included in the package.

4. Philips 8000 &9000 with 3D upgrade kit

Source: freesoftwa

To serve as full-fledged 3D screens, Philips 8000 & 9000 LED backlit TV series definitely require a 3D upgrade kit and it doesn’t end here as it also features a 3D PTA02 transmitter as well as two pairs of 3D glasses as well. It has a 40-inch screen with Richer Sound bundling. It has the price tag of around £1000 in the UK. It doesn’t have any sign of Freeview HD tuner and this is really a bad sign.

5. Samsung LE4C750 3D LCD TV


Source: TechRadar

No doubt, this one is the cheapest 3DTV available today. For this low price we can easily get an idea about the retailer that will be shelving that device in its stores.  It just has a 40-inches screen that may not be big enough for many 3D viewing, but it carries loads of Samsung extras including Freeview HD tuner, a pair of Samsung SSG-V2100AB 3D glasses and other 3D material as well. All these inclusions make it a nice option for those who are on budget.

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