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Apple's Q3 earnings exceed estimates: $28.57 billion

If you’ve been waiting for Apple’s earnings to come in shy of analyst estimates, you’re about to be disappointed yet again. Cupertino just reported its best quarter ever, with earnings of $7.79 per share, revenue totaling $28.57 billion, and a net profit of $7.31 billion. We know you’re probably more interested in sales figures, however, and as you might expect, Apple’s continued to ship iPhones and iPads at a steady pace, with 20.34 million smartphones and 9.25 million tablets sold last quarter. It’s also shipped 3.95 million Macs — a 14 percent jump over Q3 2010’s numbers. Fewer iPods made it out the door this quarter, however, totaling 7.54 million compared to the 9.41 million Apple sold in Q3 2010. As always, the company seems to be mum on future product announcements, though we wouldn’t be surprised to see new MacBook Air and Lion sales figures factoring into next quarter’s results. Meanwhile, rumors are stirring in Silicon Valley that Apple’s board has begun looking for possible replacements for CEO Steve Jobs, following a Wall Street Journal article by Yukari Iwatani Kane, who has a history of being eerily accurate with Apple rumors. This news hasn’t had an effect on Apple’s stock price, however, which topped $400 per share during after-hours trading today.


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