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Dookudu Progress & Highlights

Dookudu is one the most awaited films of 2011.This film is directed by Srinu Vytla and stars Prince Mahesh Babu and Samantha in the lead roles.It is being produced by Achanta Ram, Achanta Gopichand and Anil Sunkara under the banner of 14 Reels Entertainments.Thaman is composing the music for this film.The audio of this film is expected to be out on July 10th and after a month’s gap the film would be releasing on august 12th.

The film has already completed its schedules in the scenic locations of Gujarat,Turkey ,Dubai and Mumbai.Recently some portions of the film were shot in hyderabad’s old city ,RFC n other locations.The crew has left for Switzerland on 11th may.The Switzerland schedule will continue from 12th to 27th of may where a song and some talkie part will be shot.

Srinu Vytla’s hard work for the film:

  • Srinu Vytla is trying very hard to give his best and make dookudu a super hit film as this film is going to be crucial for both him and Mahesh.
  • He is taking his own time as he wants every scene to be perfect and entertaining without any boredom.
  • He has been writing each n every scene at least 7 times on paper.He prepares 3 varieties of taking style for each scene and chooses the best one at the shooting spot.
  • The director is determined to make dookudu a rip roar comedy and entertain the audience for which he has been working 18 hours/day during the shoot.
  • He has used some good sentiment in this film which was missing in his earlier films King and NamoVenkatesa.


  • This film is going to prove Mahesh as an actor who has excellent comic timing with all his co-stars.
  • Mahesh is not the hero of the flick and Its the Comedy which is the main Hero in this film.Except some 5 scenes,majority of the comedy scenes have come out really well and will definitely be a laugh-riot for the audience.
  • Srinu Vytla has tried to show Mahesh in a new and different style and look seems to have worked out really well.
  • Mahesh’s action sequences will be like never before n never again.He has worked really hard for them and did not use any body doubles for those sequences.He completed the action scenes in just a single take.
  • The film has a huge family in it and everyone has good roles to portray.Its not a hero dominated flick and importance was given to all its characters.
  • With Dookudu youth will be following a new trend.
  • Bramhanandam has a very important character in Dookudu.
  • The dirctor wanted Bramhanandam’s character to be equally matching with Mahesh’s character.After watching Bramhi’s comedy in dookudu you will forget dhee and ready.His comedy will make you watch Dookudu many times.
  • All the songs came out really well but 3 songs will turn out to be chart busters this year.
  • Samantha has a very good role to play and her comic timing is very good.
  • The scenes between Mahesh and Samantha have come out really well.


  • Many feel that Samantha is a mismatch for Mahesh in this flick though she has done a fabulous job.The reason for this is that the story requires a naughty girl for the heroine’s character.
  • Mahesh-Samantha looks like an average pair onscreen and may not be the best compared to Mahesh-Trisha in Athadu or Mahesh-Sonali in Murari but the director is confident that this was the pair he needed as per his visualization of the story.

The climax of this film plays a very important role in the film’s final outcome.The climax of the film is not yet ready and srinu vytla and writers are working very hard on it as it is the point where all the comedy and confusion in the film ends.The director wants to shoot the climax of the film in a James Bond style by adding comic touch to it.

Overall Dookudu has come out very well till now

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