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Vodafone Webbox in India

Vodafone Webbox
Vodafone India is all prepared to bring its innovative keyboard in India. We are talking about the Vodafone Webbox, which the mobile operator announced in South Africa back in February this year. The Webbox is Vodafone’s solution to bring affordable internet access to emerging markets, and hence it is making it way to India.

While it may looks like a standard QWERTY keyboard, this is actually an Android 2.1 based device with some hardware inside it and a antenna which supports EDGE and 2.5G networks. The device connects to your TV wih a standard RCA cable and brings an unique UI which allows users to browse the internet with no extra set-up.

To get started, users simply need to insert their Vodafone SIM card into the keyboard, and internet is up and running on the TV in no time.

It allows you to use Opera Mini to browse the internet and it also supports other applications like Calculator, Calendar, Photo Album, Music Player, FM Radio, Stopwatch and Text Editior. The device also enables users to send text messages and read their email.

It is expected to be priced between Rs 5,500 and Rs 6,000 and it is currently under testing in the Kerala circle. It will roll out publicly in coming days and will come with 120 GB of free data for the first 180 days.


  • Android 2.1
  • Opera Mini Browser
  • Vodafone UI
  • SD Card support
  • HVGA output
  • EDGE connectivity
  • FM Radio

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