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Andy Pad Pro||Andy Pad Pro Specs||Andy Pad Pro Prics

Andy Pad
Low-cost Android, actually looking decent? Seems like it. We’ve caught wind of a few hitting the scene at this point, and there’s little question that the Andy Pad folks appear to have something better in mind. The company’s been slowly releasing info on Twitter about its 7-inch Andy Pad and Pro variant, and has also recently updated its website; the AP Pro’s finally been priced for £179 (about $290) and there’s now a full shot of the slates along with specs. While we knew the Pro would have a capacitive touchscreen and front / rear cams, those “additional features” have panned out to be an increased 1024 x 600 screen resolution and Bluetooth connectivity (it seems the 16GB model was this version all along). Still aching to see one in action? AP’s also posted a YouTube clip of the base model zipping along and effortlessly hurling Angry Birds through its Gingerbread scented air. It’ll still be about month until the duo hit the streets, but for now, you’ll find the video past the break.

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