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Ripple updates its Look nettop with Fusion E-Series chip

We don’t cover nettops a whole lot around these parts, but we were powerless not to gawk when Ripple Korea unveiled the Look, a shapely nettop with a slick paintjob to match. At the time, it packed a dual-core Atom processor and integrated Intel graphics, in keeping with nettops’ reputation for not being the most powerful PCs on the shelf. The next generation might be a bit more capable, though — Ripple just refreshed it with an AMD Fusion E-350 (“Zacate”) chip, which means you can almost certainly expect a bump in graphics performance this go ’round. Other than that, the specs haven’t changed much: like the previous generation, it comes with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive. No word on pricing, though if the Fusion version is like its Atom-powered predecessor, you’ll have your best chances of nabbing one if you make the pilgrimage to Seoul.

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