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Ripple updates its Look nettop with Fusion E-Series chip

We don’t cover nettops a whole lot around these parts, but we were powerless not to gawk when Ripple Korea unveiled the Look, a shapely nettop with a slick paintjob to match. At the time, it packed a dual-core Atom processor and integrated Intel graphics, in keeping with nettops’ reputation for not being the most powerful PCs on the shelf. The next generation might be a bit more capable, though — Ripple just refreshed it with an AMD Fusion E-350 (“Zacate”) chip, which means you can almost certainly expect a bump in graphics performance this go ’round. Other than that, the specs haven’t changed much: like the previous generation, it comes with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive. No word on pricing, though if the Fusion version is like its Atom-powered predecessor, you’ll have your best chances of nabbing one if you make the pilgrimage to Seoul.

Clear Spot 4G Apollo hotspot

We just spotted it at the FCC earlier this month, and Clear customers will now soon be able to get their hands on the company’s new Clear Spot 4G Apollo mobile hotspot. Clearwire announced today that the device will be available for $99 (or leased for $6 a month) in “late July,” which should mean any day now unless our calendars are off. Built by Gemtek, the hotspot allows for up to eight simultaneous connections, and promises up to six hours of continuous use from its built-in rechargeable battery — plans to go along with it start $35 a month, with unlimited mobile data running you $45/month (with no long-term contract, of course). Press release is after the break.

Griffin's StompBox available to order

Remember that Griffin-made StompBox we showed you back in January? Well, it’s finally hit the market, so you can free up those virtuoso hands and get to pedal-pounding wicked sound effects. The four button foot controller works with Frontier Design’s iShred LIVE app for iOS, connecting your instrument via an included GuitarConnect cable to a 1/4-inch jack. The device is “designed to work with… a guitar, bass guitar, electric violin and keyboard,” so your virtual jam band session is all but guaranteed. This musical f/x dongle is available to order now for $99.99 online, or you can just head to one of Apple’s boutiques to snag it. Sadly, the effects switcher doesn’t come bundled with a copycat of Slash’s hat, but that shouldn’t stop your credit card from indulging in this latest bout of Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

SanDisk Ultra SSD

Who hasn’t needed to upgrade their personal workstation when running short on funds? We’ve definitely been there. As luck would have it, SanDisk offers all of us who are a bit strapped for cash an option for improving our aging PCs. The company announced today that its latest offerings, the Ultra SSDs, are heading out to retailers as we speak. Promising 280MB / sec reads coupled with 270MB / sec write speeds, the drives provide a welcome tune-up for, ahem, experienced machines. Random speeds on these disks clock in at up to 3Gb / sec with three sizes available: 60GB, 120GB, and 240GB, ranging from $130 to $450. So save up your extra lunch money, as this is certainly a nice way to breathe new life into your current set-up without going completely broke. Who knows, maybe you can use those dollars you’ll save on some of this. As for the full rundown, scope out the PR after the break.

Bang & Olufsen's BeoSound 5 Encore redefines 'affordable,'

It’s certainly been a while since Bang & Olufsen’s given any love to its gorgeous (but pricey) BeoSound 5, but refining self-proclaimed perfection takes… well, about three years. The more affordable $3,350 BeoSound 5 Encore carries over the svelte 10.4-inch LCD / scroll wheel toting controller from its predecessor, but nixes the BeoMaster music server requirement, allowing it to run headless (and in turn save you bookodles of cash). So how does one play tunes if it rides solo? With a bevy of new connectivity options: content can now be slung over USB (be it via a “mobile device,” thumb key or hard drive), from a NAS, over A2DP Bluetooth, or from one of 13,000 internet radio stations. It’ll ship in August, which’ll leave you plenty of time to count those pennies, and perhaps to ponder why it couldn’t spring for finer graphics in the video that awaits you beyond the fold.

Google Books, Kobo, more In IOS||Google Books||Kobo

Google Books, Kobo, more

Google Books, Kobo, more

Heat waves aside, this last weekend has proven to be a fairly rough one for e-book sellers. In spite of backing off a bit from its initial demands, there have apparently been some major changes afoot in the iOS App Store, with a number of apps scaling back access to their online e-book markets or being pulled from the store altogether. Kobo, one of the former, told The Wall Street Journal (which also reported on its own iOS woes) it was informed on Saturday that it needs to stop selling books through its app. The Google Books app, meanwhile, has been removed altogether, though Google has yet to comment on the matter, possibly revamping the app to comply with the stricter rules. While the adjustments will certainly be a nuisance for the companies involved, selling books through Apple devices will not be an impossibility, so long as customers can still access the markets through Safari.

Voomote One turns your iPhone Into A Remote||Voomote App

Voomote One

Ok, so the name isn’t great, but the Voomote One is actually kinda neat. It’s not the first universal remote adapter we’ve seen for the iPhone and, unlike the Surc IR case, you probably wouldn’t want to leave this bulky add-on attached to your handset when not in use. But, the app does have some convenient features, like the ability to create custom layouts that can easily be switched based on the devices in a particular room. So you can setup a living room profile to control your big screen and cable box, and a separate bed room one for your more modest set and a stereo. You can also create command macros that fire up multiple devices with the tap of a single virtual button. The Voomote app is available for free in the app store, but the actual IR-blasting sleeve will set you back $99. Check out the gallery below and head on after the break for some PR.